President Brian Pakpour
Secretary Raphael Moore
Presiding Judge David Rosenberg swears in 2016 YCBA President Brian Pakpour (left) and Secretary Raphael Moore (right). Vice-President/Treasurer Sherine Pahlavan was unable to attend the meeting and will be sworn in in chambers.
Judges of the Yolo County Superior Court joined Bar Association Members at the January, 2016 meeting and discussed their judicial assignments and department policies. The Association is grateful to them for taking their time to share this important information with us.
Judge David Rosenberg
Hon. David Rosenberg
Presiding Judge
Department 14
Commissioner Kent O'Mara
Commissioner Kent O'Mara
Department 1
Judge Kathleen White
Hon. Kathleen M. White
Department 3
Judge Sonia Corté
Hon. Sonia Cortés
Department 5
Judge Steven Basha
Hon. Steven M. Basha
Department 6
Judge Samuel T. McAdam
Hon. Samuel T. McAdam
Department 7
Judge David Reed
Hon. David W. Reed
Department 8
Judge Janene Beronio
Hon. Janene B. Beronio
Department 9
Judge Daniel Maguire
Hon. Daniel P. Maguire
Department 10
Judge Timothy Fall
Hon. Timothy L. Fall
Department 11
Judge Paul Richardson
Hon. Paul K. Richardson
Department 13
Kathy Berger
Kathy Berger
Deputy Court Executive Officer
Not Pictured:
Hon. Janet Gaard
Department 4
Commissioner Dennis A. Umanzio
Department 2